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Rock Speakers

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Integrated Outdoor Sound

OSD Audio rock speakers stand up to the toughest weather conditions and will continue to provide high fidelity sound under severe weather. These realistic looking rock speakers blend into your outdoor space discreetly within any surrounding and deliver excellent sound. Rock speakers are one of the most popular audio “formations,” and range in size and price depending on how big the space you need to fill. Small backyards or patios can use rocks with 5.25” woofers, medium size yards are well suited for 6.5”. Larger yards or pool areas benefit from 8” behemoths with ground shaking power. Our rock speakers provide unparalleled sound at a price you can afford. Whether you listen to contemporary jazz, hard rock or music with deep bass, our large rock speakers let you enjoy your favorite concert in the convenience of your own backyard! Our rock speakers blend in seamlessly in any outdoor environment. We’ve designed each of our rock speakers to withstand all kinds of weather conditions, including rain, snow and sun. Even in severe weather, these outdoor rock speakers continue to produce high-fidelity sound that will feel like your own outdoor concert.