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Working Behind the Scenes

Speaker accessories such as brackets, back boxes, and transformers are the unsung heroes behind the scenes but are important to achieving excellent sound. Speaker mounts or brackets are often used as a guide for drywallers in new construction and keep the speakers firmly in place while allowing you to precisely position the speaker where you want it. Back boxes are another handy speaker accessory that can be added to in-ceiling and in-wall speakers to acoustically isolate sound. While not every speaker requires one, back boxes prevent sound waves from escaping from the rear which in turn can boost audio quality and keep sound from leaking into adjacent rooms. Commercial 70V transformers are an easy way to turn standard 8-ohm in-ceiling or in-wall speakers into 70V commercial speaker systems. A transformer allows you to add more speakers and broadcast or page at long distances with very little power loss or sound degradation. Transformers connect between the speaker cable and the amplifier, while outdoor transformers are typically buried with the speaker cable underground.