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SKU: BTR805-PAR OSD BTR805 8" Bluetooth® Rock Speaker Outdoor Weather Resistant, Brown/Grey (Pair)

Purchase OSD BTR805 8" Bluetooth® Rock Speaker Outdoor Weather Resistant, Brown/Grey (Pair)
  • SKU: BTR805-PAR bluetooth-wireless-rock-speaker

    OSD BTR805 8" Bluetooth® Rock Speaker Outdoor Weather Resistant, Brown/Grey (Pair)

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Lifetime Tech Support

This is the 2nd generation of our Bluetooth® Rock Speakers, we made the following changes a) Using better sound rock shell from our most popular rock speaker RX805 with better bass and clear high ends. b) Using waterproof IP67 grade power supply for better outdoor durability.

Get ready to jam in any outdoor space with the BTR805 Wireless Bluetooth® Rock Speaker . This 8" set is ideal for your lawn, garden or patio for best bass; they come in Granite Grey or Sandstone Canyon Brown so you can coordinate without the speakers looking out of place.

There are two speakers, a master and pairing speaker. The master speaker has the internal stereo amplifier plus built in Wireless Bluetooth® Receiver. The second or pairing speaker is connected to the master speaker using the 10Ft speaker cable that is included with the kit. The result is a two channel stereo output. It is recommended to have the speakers 8 to 12 feet apart for best stereo dispersion. You can cut the 10Ft cable down to the exact length desired. The extra cable is supplied in case you have to be created to hide the wire when running it between the two speakers.

Warning: California's Proposition 65

Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

  • Speaker Type: 8" 2-Way Bluetooth® Rock Speakers
  • Woofer: 8" Polypropylene Cone with Butyl Rubber Surround
  • Tweeter: 1" Soft Dome
  • Frequency Response: 35Hz-22kHz
  • Power Handling: 150W
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Bluetooth® Range: Up to 30Ft
  • Bluetooth® Version: 4.2
  • Compatible with A2DP Standard
  • Rigid Exterior Cases with Water-resistant Features
  • Designed to Look Like Rocks with Flat Bottoms, Makes it Easy to Place on any Flat Surface
  • What's Included: IP67 Waterproof Power Adapter, Speaker Wire, and Waterproof Wire Connectors
  • Power Supply Length: Plug to Transformer - 3' 5", Transformer to Speaker - 15' 5"
  • Unit Dimensions: (L x H x D) 12" x 14" x 11.5"
  • Sold As: Pair
  • Colors Available: Sandstone Canyon Brown or Granite Grey
  • Weight: 32 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 Year
65 Questions asked
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Jonathan • 04/17/2020, 9:45:30 PM I'd like to have 2 stereo pairs playing the same music for my back yard. What would be your suggested setup
Customer Service • 04/18/2020, 10:40:36 PM
HI Jonathan: There are still limitations to connecting two Bluetooth Speakers (in this case pairs of Bluetooth (4 total)Speakers). Certain newer phones will do it. The best option is to purchase our BOM 4.1 Which features a 8" Subwoofer Enclosure with built in Bluetooth Receiver and a 4.1 Multi channel amplifier. Broken down as two Digital 60 watt per channel Stereo Amplifiers and one 100 Watt Digital Subwoofer Amplifier. You could then select two pairs of our RS 670 or RX 640 rock speakers for a Sub/Sat system. We even offer some special bundles featuring the BOM 4.2 and 4 pair of LS-2 Garden pendant speakers. Or a another bundle featuring a BOM 4.1 and four pairs of RX-550 rock speakers. Each internal stereo amplifier is rated down to 4-ohms to drive two pairs of speakers each. TimL/4-18-2020
Chris • 05/05/2020, 3:20:32 AM Just purchased your BTR805. Using a 2nd Gen Echo Dot for Bluetooth music streaming. After a few hours of playing music, I noticed the songs playing a bit slower and in a slightly lower key. Is this an issue with the Speakers or the Echo Dot? Thank you.
Customer Service • 05/06/2020, 12:35:55 PM
Hi Chris: Try connecting directly from your phone and see if the issue continues. Also, try unplugging the Dot, and give it 30 seconds before reconnecting. If it works properly with the phone, then it could be an Echo issue.Please let us know if it is an issue with the BTR-805. TimL/5-6-2020
Kevin Mitchell • 05/08/2020, 10:58:14 AM These speakers "water resistant". I am trying to find some waterproof speakers to leave in my backyard permanently. I have a power source and am trying to find something blue tooth compatible so my kids can play their music from their phones
Customer Service • 05/08/2020, 1:02:53 PM
Hi Kevin: The speakers are weather resistant including the Power Supply block that comes with the kit.I would recommend taking them in for the winter based upon where you live. Up in the northern half of the country. I have a pair of the BTP525 Bluetooth patio speakers here in Portland OR. I take them down for the winter Nov 1 to May 15.We also take all our furniture off the upper deck as well. We will bring that back next weekend. No reason to leave anything during the off season. Good luck TimL/5-8-2020
willy Lopez • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM can you buy two set and make them work all 4 speakers at the same time with one ipod?
Customer Service • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM
Hi Willy: I believe your Bluetooth device will only sync up with a single pair of Stereo speakers at a time. TL-2152
Ron • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM Just purchased the ten and they work great with the iPod but are not working with iPad or streaming audio such as Pandora. Any suggestions? As soon as its near a cellular or wifi device it freezes the other device.
Customer Service • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM
Hi Ron, It could be the wireless internet signal blocking the wireless audio signal, as they both run on the same frequency. Try locating the transmitter further away from your wireless internet router.