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11 speakers + 3x Subwoofers Full Dolby Atmos under $900

Home Cinema Speakers a Presentation by our Sales Director Simon Spears

Our Sales Director Simon Spears explains the different options to Home Cinema Speakers, how they set up and what you should be looking for building yours.

Understanding Power and How it Affects Your Audio System

Today we are going to talk, in general terms, about power and how it gets from your wall to your speakers.

In simple terms, we will cover everything that happens to the power that comes out of your outlets to the power being delivered by your speakers.

Choosing the Right Speaker Wire

Choosing the correct wire can make sure your home audio system transfers the best quality sound between all of your components.

When setting up your home audio system you want to be sure great quality sound is being passed along to all of the units. With the correct wiring you can.

Adding an Outdoor Subwoofer to your Existing System

Why do you need outdoor subwoofers?

What makes the difference between a good outdoor sound system and a great one? In this blog we look at why the addition of an outdoor subwoofer will make any outdoor music system much better.

Understanding Dolby Surround Sound for Home Theaters

You can enjoy cinema-quality sound in your own home with Dolby Atmos.

Dolby AtmosĀ® is the latest sound effect system from Dolby, it adds height effects on top of the regular Dolby system's left, center, right and surround effects. So you will hear more dimensional sound effects.

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