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Choose The Right Outdoor Speaker For Home Or Business

Choose The Right Outdoor Speaker For Home Or Business

Outdoor speakers can add just the right ambiance to a home or business. Properly selected and installed, they’ll suit any occasion, whether the objective is to relax, party or energize listeners. Choosing the right outdoor speakers for the use you have in mind will go a long way to making everyone who hears them happy and ensuring long, carefree use of the equipment. Here are a few suggestions from Outdoor Speaker Depot to help you pick the right outdoor speakers, whether you plan to use them at home or place of business. 

Picking the right outdoor speakers will depend mainly on the use you have in mind. If you plan to work in the garden occasionally and want to have some background music, your speaker needs will differ drastically than, say, if you own a large restaurant and want to entertain al fresco diners with some appropriate mood music. Let’s start with the most basic needs. If you’re that gardener who wants to listen to music occasionally while outside, or you wish to listen to music occasionally in the yard or patio or by the pool, you should strongly consider wireless speakers. As their name suggests, these speakers require no wiring, which saves you the time and expense of buying and installing wires to hook them up. These speakers usually run on rechargeable batteries and get their music from a wireless Bluetooth connection or a networked computer Wi-Fi connection. Wireless speakers tend to be small, portable and easy to move. The very fact that they don’t have wires means that repositioning them is simply a matter of picking them up and carrying them to another place.

Is there a downside to wireless speakers? Interference from other devices can be a problem, although advances in technology have helped make that less of an issue. 

If you’re looking for great sound quality and volume and have a bigger space that you want to cover, wired speakers will probably be your best bet. You can pick from many weather-resistant models. These speakers come in all sorts of sizes and shapes and with all kinds of options and extras. The most common are bookshelf speakers — boxy speakers similar to the ones you probably use inside your home. But outdoor speakers are available in many other shapes and styles. Some have grills that you can paint to match the surrounding décor. 

In addition to freestanding speakers, you can choose speakers that come with brackets for mounting. These are a good choice for homeowners who want speakers and wires out of the way and for business owners who want to keep customers and employees from tripping over wires and speakers. In addition to these benefits, these speakers can be angled on their mounts to provide the best sound. 

Of course, for business use, you will generally want more powerful speakers, such as 70V speakers. The fact is that the great outdoors, though beautiful, can be an acoustical nightmare. Sound tends to dissipate more easily outdoors, especially bass frequencies, so you may also want to consider using a subwoofer if you like to party and dance or just want to set a pounding rhythm.

At Outdoor Speaker Depot, we can help you pick exactly the right outdoor speaker for your needs, whether home or business. Call us toll free or email us for fast, friendly advice that you can trust.