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SKU: AU-3-5-RCAMM-3M Aurum Series 3.5mm to Dual Male RCA Adaptor Cable - 3M

Purchase Aurum Series 3.5mm to Dual Male RCA Adaptor Cable - 3M
  • SKU: AU-3-5-RCAMM-3M

    Aurum Series 3.5mm to Dual Male RCA Adaptor Cable - 3M

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Aurum’s Ultra High-Performance 3.5mm to Dual Male RCA Adaptor is an ultra-high-quality mini to RCA cable adapter that includes a 99.99% pure copper dual center conductor, double-shielded directional twisted pair center conductors, proprietary custom tooled gold/gun metal-plated connectors and a split-tipped center pin to ensure a tight connection and flawless signal transfer.

  • Audiophile-Grade RCA Adaptor: 3.5mm to Dual Male RCA Adaptor that delivers the purest signal transfer from cellphones, tablets and other mobile devices
  • Enhances the Audio Experience: Maximizes the audio experience from a mobile device so you’ll hear every detail and every nuance
  • Pure Copper Conductors for Signal Integrity: Includes 99.99% high conductivity pure copper dual center conductors that deliver an untainted audio signal and allows warmth and detail to come through
  • Extremely Well Shileded: Includes a durable but flexible braided gold cotton outer casing that shields against unwanted noise
  • Phone Case Friendly: Includes Velcro ties for cable management and a donut extender to accommodate cellphone and tablet cases
The Aurum Ultra Audio Experience
Aurum’s Ultra High-Performance 3.5mm to Dual Male RCA Adaptor is an audiophile-grade cable that allows you to connect your cellphone, tablet or other mobile device to RCA-equipped device such as amplifiers and stereo receivers. Designed for listeners who want to hear the most detail possible in music and video or simply want to hear clearer audio on virtual assistants, Aurum’s 3.5mm to RCA adaptor will give you the purest sound from a digital source so that your audio experience is the most impactful it can be. The difference between Aurum’s 3.5mm RCA cables and cheaper RCA adaptors is the quality of metals used and the insulation that protects it from noise.

Pure Copper Connectors
Aurum’s 3.5mm to Dual Male RCA Adaptor contains 99.99% copper dual center conductors. The high conductivity of copper adds warmth to the audio and allows subtle sonic detail to come through, particularly on low frequencies.

Better Sound with No Interference
Includes a flexible braided gold cotton outer jacket that shields against outside noise and interference as well as proprietary custom-tooled gold/gun metal-plated connectors with split tipped center RCA pin (RCA) to ensure the purest signal transfer.

Aurum Ultra Performance and Value
Aura makes cables that do what we say they will, but we don’t exaggerate our claims or our price. The integrity of each cable is carefully tested throughout our manufacturing process, so every Aura cable delivers on performance or you can return it with no questions asked. Sold as a single cable and available in 1m, 2m, 3m and 5m (3.2ft, 6.5ft, 9.8ft, 16.4ft) lengths, Aurum mini to RCA interconnects include Velcro cable ties that keep the cable runs neat and manageable. 
  • Audiophile Grade 3.5mm to Dual RCA Male Adaptor Cable
  • Proprietary Custom Tooled Gold/Gun Metal Plated Connectors with Split Tipped Center Pin (RCA)
  • 3.5mm Features Donut Extender; No Need to Remove Cellphone Case
  • 99.99% Pure Copper Conductors
  • Featuring Unique Golden Cotton Sleeve; 6.0mm OD
  • Available in 1M, 2M, 3M and 5M
  • Includes 2 Velcro Cable ties ideal for cable management

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