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SKU: OSD-DSM6 6x Zone Dual Source Speaker Selector, High Performance with Amplifier Impedance Protection DSM6

Purchase 6x Zone Dual Source Speaker Selector, High Performance with Amplifier Impedance Protection DSM6
  • SKU: OSD-DSM6 dsduso6zosps1

    6x Zone Dual Source Speaker Selector, High Performance with Amplifier Impedance Protection DSM6

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Speaker selectors allow you to connect multiple pairs of speakers to your stereo receiver or amplifier. This is a great custom feature that lets you listen to any pair of speakers, for instance in the kitchen or bath, or any combination of pairs simultaneously. The DSM6 is a dual source speaker selector with an independent a/b switch per zone. With this unit, you can choose two music sources at each zone.

Ugraded Model with Improved Input/Output Connectors! 
The upgraded, European-style removable input/output connectors give you better leverage when terminating cable and accept up to 14 gauge cable.

Warning: California's Proposition 65


This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

  • Speaker Selector Type: 6 Zone Dual Source Speaker Selector w/ Amplifier Protection
  • # of Zones or Speaker Pairs: 6
  • Dual Source Per Channel
  • Power Handling w/ Protection Circuit OFF: 140W Per Channel
  • Power Handling w/ Protection Circuit ON: 70W Per Channel
  • Input Source: Up to 2 Amplifiers or Receivers
  • Manual Impedance Protection Switch
  • Speaker Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Impedance Protection: Yes
  • Input/ Output Connector Type: Removable Spring-loaded Guillotine-style Push Terminals
  • Wiring Requirement: Up to 14 Gauge Wire
  • Dimensions (L x H x D): 6.5" x 1.93 x 4.4"
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Warranty: 2 Years
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Lebarron • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM Can this unit be used with a home amplifier/receiver say,a sony 400watt receiver??
Customer Service • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM
Yes, it should work fine especially if you are adding external volume controls like our Impedance Matching SVC100's (or the SVC300's for higher power). That way you bypass the internal protection circuit that limits the power in the DSM6 and use the Volume Controls to provide the protection while giving you additional control of your system in each zone. TL/MA
Bill • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM Hi, I am using onkyo tx-nr590 5.1 channel av receiver , can I connect dsm6 to this onkyo receiver ? I like to have 4 pair or 8 speaker coonect to dsm6 , and plat the music or audio at same time ?
Customer Service • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM
Hi Bill: The Onkyo TX-NR590 features a second zone output which is signal level (Un-amplfied). You can not connect the DSM6 directly to this AV Receiver. The speaker level outputs are dedicated for the 5 channels from the internal the Surround sound processor. The DSM6 is Speaker level input only. It needs a seperate dedicated Amplifier like our AMP200 to connect to the DSM6. This will provide you with additioal source options. TL/MA
Tim McLevish • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM What's the difference between DSM6 Dual Source 6 Zone Speaker Selector and Phoenix Gold DSSM-6 Dual Source 6 Zone Speaker Selector? Also, since the protection circuit limits to 5 ohm, does that mean if I have 2 8 ohm speakers switched on at one time, the limiter button will trip? Thank you!
Customer Service • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM
Hi Tim, Phoenix Gold no longer manufactures speaker selectors. OSD was a distributor for Phoenix Gold before they discontinued their Innovative Home division. OSD continues to manufacture a complete line of Speaker Selectors including the dual source DSM series. Most of the speakers we offer are 8 ohm. The protection circuit is mainly for sending an acceptable impedance load to your amplifier/receiver. We recommend using 8-ohm speakers with the unit. You can use impedance matching volume controls with the unit in which case you defeat (turn off) the protection circuit of the Speaker selector and let the volume controls handle the protection. In this case you want to feature a volume control for each zone output. TL
Hemant Patel • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM I am planning to create a 6 zone system with Onkyo NR709 with preout (zone 2) connected to an amplifier (AMP150 180W), then to a speaker selector ( DSM6 Dual Source 6 Zone Speaker Selector). In 5 zones, I will have 8 ohm stereo speakers and impedance matching volume control (VMS100 ) in each of these 5 zones. In 6th zone, I am planning to connect speaker wires to CD input of a Onkyo HT-S3400 with 5.1 set up ( I believe the speakers are 8 ohm here as well). Is that possible? Will I need impedance matching volume control in 6th zone as well? Thanks
Customer Service • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM
Hi Hermant, Everything looks good up until the zone six, but there is a solution. Connect the AMP150 to the ONKYO NR709 from ZONE 2 output to Input #2 of the AMP150. Set the Impedance matching Volume Controls (all 5 of them) to 8X setting. Here is the tricky part: you cannot connect the speaker level output (amplified) from Zone six to the CD input (dual RCA signal level, pre-amplified) of the ONKYO HT-S3400 (either of the R390 or R290, whichever receiver you have). You can connect the second receiver directly to the AMP150 Source 2 output. This will give you all the sources you would have received from the Zone 6 of the speaker selector directly from the amplifier. I am assuming the two receivers are located in different areas so you need to run audio cables versus speaker cables between the two components. If they are located near each other, then it is simply a case of using a standard audio cable (we offer them up to 100 feet). Our audio cables are not CL-3 rated like the speaker cables so they cannot be installed inside the walls. We do offer a wall plate (double RCA connector wallplate) featuring RCA on the Outside and F connection on the inside so you can run two coax cables in the wall to a second wall plate. You would connect the wall plates outside the walls with Stereo RCA Audio cables to the respective components. You would still have another zone output (#6) for future expansion. I would be more than happy to create a connection diagram if needed. Please let us know the distance between the Receivers. TL
Paul Hutchins • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM I am setting up audio for a massage and chiropractic clinic. There are 6 zones that will have independent vulume control in each room. I am wondering if its possible for someone in say Zone 5 to have an mp3 input in that room that could be switched to or could feed back to the central amp as the second input source. Or perhaps to have an amplified wall box that could be selected instead of the input from this unit. Any ideas on this concept would be really helpful. Thanks!
Customer Service • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM
Hi Paul: One solution, checkout the MX1260 Multi Channel Power Amplifier. It features 12 amplified channels (six stero zones) . It features a choice of two universal sources or individual inputs for each channel. You could feature a computer for your universal source either from an iTunes library or streaming internet radio. You could then offer a iPod docking station for each room. This would require adding a signal level connection back to your main source room (where the MX1260 would be located) for each room. You can connect either a MP3 player to the wall plate or go throught the iPod docking station which would have to connect to the wall plate as well. You could connect each of the rooms to a dedicated two channels. There is a switch on the back of the amplifier for each channel that can be changed to either Buss 1, Buss 2 (the two universal source options) or direct input (the docking stations). I would still recommend using a volume control in each room wired in between the speakers and the amplifier. You would need to mount the MX1260 so the back panel is accessible so you can switch between universal source or the dedicated source (docking station) for the selected room (zone). Most people have either an iPod, iTouch or iPhone that they can use through the docking station (which also includes a remote control). We have CL3 rated speaker wire, volume controls, Docking stations, MX1260 Amplifier and wall plates for the signal level connection back to the main source room. You would need CL3 rated coax cable to run the signal level. We have the connectors for wall plates that convert the RCA (right and left) to F connection of the Coaxial cable (two for each zone). You would need a wall plate in each room featuring two RCA connections. And then a Dual gang Decora plate in the main source room using one Decora insert plate with six holes (three of the rooms) and a second Decora insert with four holes (for the other two rooms). Before I get more involved in this installation maybe you can check it out and let us know if this option might interest you. Then contact us to discuss further. TL