About Us

Every company, brand, and website has a story behind it, and we’re excited to share ours. You’re on this page, so we can only assume you’re thinking, “who are these guys and why should I buy from them?” Rather than go into our long history, we’ll simply tell who we are, why we started this company and most of all, how does Whole House Audio benefit you.

Call Us Audio Nerds (We’re Used to It)

Audio geeks works too. Wholehouseaudio.com is staffed by folks who have dedicated their careers to helping customers create world-class home theater and distributed audio systems. We love what we do, and every team member is extremely well trained with years of A/V customer support experience under their belts. We may be nerds but we know what we’re talking about.

Why Do We Exist?

Like many other e-commerce websites, Whole House Audio was created to solve a problem or fill in something missing in home audio—value! We realized decades ago that buying the right mix of high-quality indoor and outdoor speakers, source equipment, volume controls and every other audio accessory was easy if you had money to burn but for the average Joe or Jane, it could be a confusing and expensive proposition. So we created our own brand of audio equipment designed to our standards of high quality, available under one “on-line” roof and sold directly to consumers at unbeatably low prices…and it worked.

What’s in This for You?

Easy…the best prices on high-quality in-wall/in-ceiling speakers, outdoor speakers, cables, kits, speaker selectors, volume controls and other high-end home audio products for both residential and commercial applications. We also promise:

Free Expert Advice…Forever  

Our staff has years of expertise and we want to share it. Purchase from us and you’ll have access to free expert advice for as long as you need it.

Customer Service Beyond the Call of Duty

Whoehouseaudio.com guarantees fast shipping and most items ship for free. If a product arrives damaged or you’re not happy with it, we promise to make it right.

Welcome to Wholehouseaudio.com!